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Unlocking the power of collective action, RxPact Cooperative is a member-based organization that empowers Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and other payors of pharmacy claims with unprecedented access to best-in-class pricing across the entire pharmacy and pharmaceutical supply chain. By aggregating the scale of our PBM members, we’re creating a level playing field where our members can effectively compete with national PBMs.

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Best in Class Supply-Chain Pricing

Leveraging our industry relationships, we’ve negotiated national pricing for PBMs cost of goods, including retail, mail, specialty, and rebates. Members will benefit from these contractual arrangements, fast-tracking their business plans and driving industry consolidation.

Analytics & Underwriting

Recognizing the complex challenges faced by mid-market PBMs, we understand the crucial need for effective deal underwriting. The complexities and intricacies of the pharmacy benefits landscape demand a meticulous and precise approach to underwriting.

Our members gain immediate access to our powerful underwriting tools and resources, which deliver in-depth client data intelligence to drive business wins and retention. Additionally, members will benefit from our cutting-edge, dynamic analytics platform, offering client-level reporting capabilities.

Specialty Management Capabilities

With specialty accounting for nearly 50% of the overall drug spend, its effective management becomes a crucial aspect of controlling costs and enhancing care. The significance of specialty drug management continues to grow, and with it, the importance of utilizing strategies to manage this sector effectively.

We provide access to specialty management capabilities with distribution optimization features, manufacturer copay maximization, and detailed patient and drug level surveillance.

Join a New Era of Collaboration

Together at RxPact Cooperative we will usher in a new era of collaboration, growth, and success within the middle-market PBM industry. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

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