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Partner with the only standalone pharmacy solutions team that’s not affiliated with a PBM. We keep you ahead of the curve with our industry leading contract positions, industry-wide relationships, and strong pharmacy benefit and formulary rebate management expertise spanning commercial plans to government programs. As your unbiased partner, we stay laser-focused on your growth priorities and success outcomes.

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Formulary Rebate Optimization

Power up with ExpionIQ™. Our powerful formulary optimization tools, together with our deep understanding of your unique business needs, gives you the most effective, lowest net-cost strategies, including industry-leading contracting guarantees.  This powerfully dynamic pharmacy rebate solution allows you to integrate medical rebates or support them as a standalone option to exponentially optimize every outcome. 

Specialty Pharmacy Management

Lowering specialty pharmacy costs is just one of the ways we provide value. At Exponent Health we leverage ExpionIQ’s AI-driven pricing logic, enabling specialty drug discount guarantees that include all sources of savings, creating true net-cost drug guarantees. By combining our innovative pricing model with clinical benefit oversight and robust analytics, we ensure that you have a holistic, forward-thinking specialty pharmacy rebate strategy in place. 

Medical Rebate Strategy

Put our expertise to work for you. We have over 30 years of experience in managing cost optimization services for pharmacy and medical benefits. Giving us the power to combine a deep understanding of prescriber behavior with a portfolio of medical rebate contracts, biosimilar strategy support, and prescriber engagement solutions, to secure maximum rebate value for your business.

Power Insights

Time is money. ExpionIQ’s 24/7, cloud-based analytics suite helps you make the most of it. By providing clarity and insights to actively manage your business and real-time performance data, trends, and forecasting tools and by drilling down to claim-level details. Giving you the power to zero-in on what matters.

Maximize our solutions

Sales and Underwriting Support

Rest assured; we’ve got your back. Gain a competitive edge in a market full of optics and “fake” numbers. By integrating market knowledge, industry experience, actionable business intelligence from ExpionIQ™ analytics, and a deep understanding of your business, we are redefining the game.

Pharmacy Benefit Support Services

As an extension of your pharmacy benefit team, count on us to give you the insight, and foresight, you need to elevate your strategic and clinical program solutions.  Trust our team to make your offerings more valuable, more effective, and more efficient than ever. 

Member and Provider Engagement Programs

When your members are engaged and informed, they get the most from their pharmacy plans.  And you get maximum benefit from your optimization strategies.  We provide support and guidance on correct benefit usage.  And we help them navigate plan changes when they occur, to minimize disruption.

Additionally, our  industry-leading provider engagement programs offer insights and solutions to address prescribing trends and optimize opportunities. Giving providers the power to decrease costs and improve patient care, at the point of prescribing.